Sexy girl! Amy Childs shows off her curves in a beautiful polkadot bikini in the surf as he scored Spain

She is most famous celebrities in the UK this year, Essex, and the only way thanks to his role in Celebrity Big Brother has become.
But his success in 2011, Amy Childs is nothing compared to what it hopes to achieve over the next year.
2012 began on the first, however, Amy is a celebratory holiday to Spain with his brother will decide their own treatment.

The redhead 21 - year-old, who now stars in the Channel 5 reality show about Amy is a beautiful pink and white polkadot bikini in all the Mother's Beach, Sunshine hit as he soaked up the water and enjoy a cooling dip.
Spain backs put a cranky former TOWIE star was enjoying a break with friends celebrating the new year and a huge pair of sunglasses with family.Amy Curve - began boosting the two parts, and its best to keep water away from the long hair red as they near the sea with his brother messed.
And, if recent reports are to be believed, the next 12 months to see more of Amy.
TOWIE out and appear on Celebrity Big Brother, for the month since Amy Tesco bra boss Michelle Mone Queen Mother as a fitness area, DVD release, and Brentwood, Essex has been named the new face in her beauty salon is open as well - its estimated earnings for 2011 for £ 1.5million is.
Yesterday it was claimed that if the rate of success continues in 2012 with Amy, she can make an astonishing £ 10million.
A source told The Sun: "Money will flow only now. They can keep reinventing herself as Katie Price.
"If she has carefully managed the £ 10 million is achievable."
But when asked what her resolutions for 2012, Amy was a little more of those purposes.
She said: 'I am going to settle down on a fake tan - I began to look more natural, but Amy Childs' my tan from a salon, really cool.
"I'm still pouting because they want to stop the bad habit of Mother. It is time I start again hasatam. '
Amy is hot on the tail of the TOWIE on the rich list, however, his fellow Essex star Mark Wright, the ability to create 9million £ 2012 of the idea itself.
Source added: "Mother, you can hit the mark earned £ 9million, but the market quickly, and he must be clever.
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