It may seem easy to put in a bikini, but Candice Swanepoel has been working hard the last few days.
23-year-old South African model for Victoria's Secret in St. Barts on the sand is the stuff strutting, but he decided to take some time off.
Taking a break from her busy work schedule blonde beauty a relaxing day enjoying the magnificent beach lapped around.

Candice with a friend in a game of beach tennis before attending was seen lounging around with friends.
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Former Wizards of Waverly Place actress America appears on the front cover of the March edition.
Fresh faced teen who broke a cleavage baring her young Disney Channel just months away from her 20th birthday has been replaced with the woman.
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Kim Kardashian gave her fans a glimpse into the average day when she took her latest photo shoot behind the scenes.
Reality star slipped into a series of form-fitting outfits points to the cover of Esquire magazine's Latin American currency.

Kim is a black belt with a leopard print body, and some matching lingerie, including more than a sheer black slip revealing ensembles, can be seen wearing a number.

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