Only recently, after a huge billboard on one of burberry trenchcoat and nothing else is found, it is difficult to believe that Huntington-Whiteley Rosie can get any sexier.
The new 'compact' for a photo shoot in her home. Fashion magazines, high temperatures up to 24 years, as it was hit on the Strips and sheets between the slips.
Stunning snaps in the series, supermodel smoulders as she is only a white bed sheet covering her modesty naked puts.

Dark hair and smudged eye make-up of voluminous chunky collar necklace as she stares seductively into the camera completes the look.

Other images in this incredibly sexy shoot, Rosie is a very black kimono robe, a black corset and net stockings and suspenders posing in a pair is found.
This time, a sixties-style their tresses, and where an innocent pout with a side of the stares.
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