Wankaego and I still don’t how to pronounce her name. She also represents the current trend of chicks getting their whole body tatted up. I usually don’t like a woman with too many tattoos but my mind may be changing looking at Wan-ka-ego (Wank a ego?)

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Porn star, Sunny Leone, had hidden her identity from the Bigg Boss inmates till now. But finally, she has revealed her true identity in front of the whole world.

She accepted that she is a contract girl with Vivid entertainment. She also openly told the inmates that she is a porn star and she took up the profession on her own without any pressure or problems. She said that she doesn't care if the world doesn't accept her; she is always going to be the person she is now. To this, the instant reaction of the inmates was a huge applause.

Well, it’s time to wait and watch if the applause was really a sign of approval and the behaviour of the inmates towards Leone will continue to be the same in the coming weeks.

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American reality star Kim kardisiyane photosuta done recentlywas a stimulant. The wear was photosutamam lonjari kime. Hewas green and black color lonjari wear.

Reality star Kim Kardashian has been several discussions in thepast. He is married to basketball player Chris hemphrijha but theywere happy to be married just 72 days.

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As you can see, Toni Lynn has a very pretty face. But there is something else that draws you to her. Two things actually. If you can’t figure it out, we suggest that you stare at these pictures until you figure it out. 

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There Kiguchi Japanese Idol photo shoot made ​​her last days. 26-year-old Japanese model and actress has done photo shoots forseveral magazines covers. The bold and dashing actor has participated in several TV commercial and fashion event. Photoshoot a few poses ...

Name: Kiguchi Aya 木口亜矢 (きぐち あや)
Nicknames: Ayatei, Kigutchi, Ayakabu, Kiguchiyan
Date of birth: 1985-Oct-11
Place of birth: Miyamae, Kanagawa, Japan
Height: 158cm
Measurements: 89 / 57 / 86 cm
Horoscope: Libra
Blood type: A
Profession: Model, actress, singer and race queen
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Melissa Satta, born in 1986, is an American-born Italian model and actress.

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Veena Malik say might be getting sleepless nights over the controversy, but not for the wrong reasons indeed she must be happy encashing in on the publicity garnered from the controversy. Her nude photo controversy was nothing but a rather pre-planned gambit After much brouhaha over the nude photo, it has been revealed to a leading daily that the controversy was much planned to garner some publicity. Umair Zafar, a fashion designer and stylist has finally spilled the beans on the controversy revealing that FHM photographer Vishal Saxena told Zafar, a few days before the cover was out. to be prepared for a ‘dhamaka’. 

Zafar went on to say, “Veena Malik did the shoot topless with her hands covering the upper part of her body. She was wearing a bikini panty below, which was later on morphed and removed electronically by photographer Vishal Saxena. All this was pre-decided and agreed upon by all concerned. In order to save face and avoid the repercussions that it could have - both in Pakistan and in India and yet avail of all the publicity Veena Malik and FHM magazine had pre-decided that Veena Malik would send a defamation notice to the magazine and the magazine in turn would then send her a counter-notice. Yeah sab mili bhagat hein (All are hand-in-glove).”

He added that all this was done to give Veena some publicity as her Swayamvar is about to hit the small screen and the Pakistani actress is much attention hungry. Apparently, she wanted the controversy to grow bigger and keep her in headlines. 

“Vishal told me, she wanted a big blast. A huge dhamaka that would catapult her to the top of the charts, and make her a household name in India. She wants to be more popular than Kareena Kapoor, Mallika Sherawat, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan put together”. 

Seems Veena can’t get over the little fame that she got during Bigg Boss last season. And, the actress can go to any lengths to keep grab the eyeballs.

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