Here in Florida, Claudia rocks a hot pink (or perhaps purple) bikini and looks like she's having a fantastic time on the beach with her friends. I think what bothers me about her is that she looks quite a bit like Evangeline Lilly and considering my deep, unending loyalty to Miss. Lilly, that takes a little something away from Claudia for me. It's not Claudia's fault of course and I still like the woman but I wish I was looking at pictures of Evangeline instead. That sounds far meaner than it's intended so I'm just going to stop writing before I make it worse.

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Good Day LA, she was often under the glare of television studio lights in the morning, but Lauren Sanchez was one of the most pleasant start to the week.
42-year-old mother of three and former host of the dance so you think the Cabo San Lucas woke up Sunshine and blue skies are holidaying in the can.
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Rating is not fast door to her reality show.
Amy Childs as he whooped with joy at the hotel in Dubai yesterday to entertain the kiddies fun pool.
Leave a skimpy pink bikini at the 21st during the New Year before prancing round the pool on a slippery slide frolicked.
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This is the first part of hot Japanese idol Yuu Tejima’s 手島優 latest photo shoots. 

Born on August 27th, 1984, Yuu Tejima is a famous Japanese gravure idol and actress from Tochigi Prefecture. 

Yuu Tejima has been in a few Japanese TV series and movies.

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Anuhya Reddy Tamil Hot Actress looking so good of pink Top & Black Bikini

See Her Hot Photos Here

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