David Walliams is a lucky man! 2012 Pirelli calendar for the annual Mother's comedian, model, wife, sheds his clothes

Although the world has been modeling since she was only 15, with Lara Stone did not become popular in the UK funnyman David Walliams until they were married.
The 28 - year-old was clearly successful in their own right and is easy to see why.
Some models of the 2012 Pirelli calendar year for a nude 'art' is the name of, itali is.

Daisy Lowe, but with care and Lara Miranda itali calendar for 2009.
It snaps in to what she looks like on the balcony stripping beige bikini string, hillside overlooking a stunning view of the Mediterranean.

Celebrity photographer Mario Sorrenti in his back from the front and snaps, taking her toned derriere of the frame.
Later, he is a couch, covered in a blanket Red velvet is completely naked.
Working with the Italian photographer, Mario said: "I love Mario.He is so nice to work with. I [Pirelli] every year til I am 75. 'Do not want

Lara and eleven other women assigned to a stunning week long to Corsica, Italy to the west, the island was on a flight to Murtoli.
Waiters on Gulf security guards to keep off the sneaky pictures being taken - as well as the locations of the old abandoned farmhouses with blue backdrops of rocky outcrops in the sea water is used.
Another veteran of the beauties of the model Kate Moss, Ukrainian actress Milla Jovovich and a Dutch model Saskia de Brauw.

The 25-photospread 18 black and white - and color pictures of the seven.
Set on a andarakhanani said: "It really has been the emphasis on feminine beauty, and images with a typical assignment was fabulous to see the girls really, really sexy. '
Since it began in 1964, Pirelli's leading celebrity photographers notification of the film, royalty and VIP customers as a gift to the world's most beautiful woman to capture only a specific calendar.
Prince Andrew is a regular recipient.
Mario, before moving behind the camera model used in Vogue and Harper ardhanagna market spread is known as the samples.
But he insisted that, despite the nudity, not sexy 2012 calendar.

He told Women's Wear Daily: "You know, I originally thought I was not going very sexy pictures, and when we get there, I realized that I do not want to all the sexy pictures. '
"I do not mean that they 'definitely' sexy. I do not want them acting and arching, and do not like her boobs sticking my face like that.
"I felt that I wanted to give the most immediate effect, but then I realized that was not important .... I just really focus on them and the environment and a blossom with someone trying to do. '

According to reports, models, and crew are all together in homes on Corsica, while Sorrenti 'with morning and evening with a girl, and we'll all have dinner with "was.
The theme chosen by Sorenti swoon ', which he explained: "swoon" in ", I am Nature, the expansion of their home if they were in direct contact with rocks placed in institutions where a set of images, land, sky and tree trunks, and sea in the backdrop for all organizations. '
Last year the theme was a version of the Greek and Roman mythology.
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