FHM pre-planned nude photo controversy : Veena Malik

Veena Malik say might be getting sleepless nights over the controversy, but not for the wrong reasons indeed she must be happy encashing in on the publicity garnered from the controversy. Her nude photo controversy was nothing but a rather pre-planned gambit After much brouhaha over the nude photo, it has been revealed to a leading daily that the controversy was much planned to garner some publicity. Umair Zafar, a fashion designer and stylist has finally spilled the beans on the controversy revealing that FHM photographer Vishal Saxena told Zafar, a few days before the cover was out. to be prepared for a ‘dhamaka’. 

Zafar went on to say, “Veena Malik did the shoot topless with her hands covering the upper part of her body. She was wearing a bikini panty below, which was later on morphed and removed electronically by photographer Vishal Saxena. All this was pre-decided and agreed upon by all concerned. In order to save face and avoid the repercussions that it could have - both in Pakistan and in India and yet avail of all the publicity Veena Malik and FHM magazine had pre-decided that Veena Malik would send a defamation notice to the magazine and the magazine in turn would then send her a counter-notice. Yeah sab mili bhagat hein (All are hand-in-glove).”

He added that all this was done to give Veena some publicity as her Swayamvar is about to hit the small screen and the Pakistani actress is much attention hungry. Apparently, she wanted the controversy to grow bigger and keep her in headlines. 

“Vishal told me, she wanted a big blast. A huge dhamaka that would catapult her to the top of the charts, and make her a household name in India. She wants to be more popular than Kareena Kapoor, Mallika Sherawat, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan put together”. 

Seems Veena can’t get over the little fame that she got during Bigg Boss last season. And, the actress can go to any lengths to keep grab the eyeballs.


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