Fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee shows off her muscular physique on the beach

Jennifer Nicole Lee is once again intent on sending out her inspirational fitness messages.

And she was doing it the best way she knows how today, by flaunting her extremely toned and tanned figure in very little.

The 36-year-old raised temperatures in Miami by slipping into a pair of red bikini bottoms.

And instead of wearing the matching top, she pulled on a white cropped vest instead, with the words 'Strong is the new sexy' emblazoned across the chest.

The attire left little to the imagination, mostly due to the fact it was see-through, especially after getting drenched from the sea water.
Not content with just relaxing on the sand, Jennifer indulged in some fitness moves, stretching out in a back-bend. 
Later she washed off the sand by stepping under an outdoor shower alongside other beachgoers.

The fitness model is no stranger to attention grabbing and skimpy attire. 
Earlier this week she slipped on a very small metallic bikini to go for a ride on a green bike.

She stopped several times on her way to do some exercises, including some step-ups on a concrete slab.Maneuvering her mode of fitness transport along the boardwalk, she wore the swimsuit and a pair of sandals and nothing else.

Nicole is clearly proud of her trim and toned figure, a result of her JNS Fusion workout method.
She became known for shedding 80 of the 200lbs she gained after giving birth to her second child.
Her transformation from fat to fit led her to win the title of Miss Bikini America and inspired her to become a fitness expert.
She has published several books, workout DVS and launched her own swimwear line.
'It's my goal and passion to help increase the quality of everyone's lifestyle,' Jennifer promises her fans on her website.
She famously posted photographs of herself prior to her weight loss, posing in a pink bikini.

'I see someone who is struggling, who is trying, who is a good mother. However, she needed to be a good mother of herself,' Jennifer has said of the snaps.
I looked at that every day, and I just got on a mission.'
And after being crowned Miss Bikini America, she is clearly loving her new svelte self.
'After being pregnant, breast feeding or fat the past five years of your life, putting on a bikini and actually looking good? I was loving it,' she said


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