Just over Kate mini-me: Underworld Star India Eisley raunchy magazine shoot shows her star quality and her curves

As big breaks go, even by Hollywood standards, India Eisley is impressive run. 

18-year-old actress who plays the daughter of Kate Beckinsale in Underworld: The Awakening, Brit star has caught the eye while getting coffee at Starbucks. 
In the latest issue of looking at her sexy shots show it's easy to see why. 

India says the actress and her husband, director Les Wiseman saw him in a Starbucks coffee shop, just a month later for the role she auditioned. 
She says: Kate Lane said: "Oh, you go girl and ask her if she wants to be in a movie, it's like mini me". 

And he said: "My God, I just saw her audition tape". So it was just a weird thing. " 
Photo shoot to appear in India wears a series of revealing outfits.
A picture on a velvet couch in the lounge, her lace trimmed dress Married to her hip, her legs exposed. 
In another picture a tube top that barely covers her breasts while she wears revealing midriff. 
Sexy shots, India says that he actually "very shy." 
Young woman, the TV series The Secret Life of American teenager plays Ashley Juergens says: 'I like it in Europe [] like this because usually I'm quite shy and when you're shy, They immediately think: "Oh, he is rude or snobby". 
So unless you're like: "Hey!" And you get older, you are unfriendly. They do not know maybe it's just because you're quiet. 
They are accepted in other places, they just can not write it as just being a snob is closed. " 
He pretends that he knows how to build trust on a film set of 'confusion', saying that says: "You just go on with your day ' 
Although he is 18, India's 14-year-old daughter Kate in the latest Underworld film, plays Eve. 
While it may look like an ingenue actress reveals that she has a crush on a very large man - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy-star, Gary Oldman. 
The 53-year-old says: "I just think she's beautiful. He is brilliant.He is superb all round. I have great [men] are like. "...
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