Kate Beckinsale, Nicole Kidman Charlize Theron and Elle Macpherson show off white hot style on the red carpet 2012

The season's first award ceremony and an opportunity for Hollywood to make a serious fashion statement.
But shied from the color of the stars out tonight instead of the stone looks like a white hot light of the cold and snow - is inspired hues.
Charlize Theron is wearing one of the evening was the most dramatic dresses and couture gown dayo other light colored stone of the stars were visible.
The actress, who was 36 years old plunging gown thigh high split, which is a flowing train and oversized bow around her waist looked Incredible detail in the present.
Charlize is not the only light clothes and was out of the stone starlet Elle Macpherson, Kate Beckinsale and Nicole Kidman to show the trend in between.
Australian supermodel Elle Zac Posen gown as a layered fishtail skirt with a white dress in the ensemble in a statement.

This strapless gown showed off her figure, her hands full, and they stack up chunky metal cuffs with a range of dress accessorised.

The 47-year-old as she made up her fitness secrets of some of the red carpet and said that he likes to keep in shape, keep active.
"I was actually important to set aside some time for some physical exercise do not think it looks good. I am going to play my horse, I surf, I waterski What can I mix up the clothes. '

Versace by metal studded with Nicole Kidman in the oyster to select an option for a white colored dress.
The studded detail and a full complement of hair color, best supporting her, her husband left office with Keith Urban.
British actress Kate Beckinsale in a white skirt around his stance on the mind and delicate sequin and chiffon pleat detailed strapless Roberto Cavalli dressed with decorations.
Like Alley, but wrist, he opted to wear chunky, but opted for the silver and glittering diamonds.

British actress Kate Beckinsale and her skirt around the delicate sequin chiffon pleat detailed strapless Roberto Cavalli dressed with decorations.
So, as expected, had a fever pitch on partner Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, only to have dropped out of the car door open.
The actress, 36-year-old looked breathtaking in a white and red satin gown is Versace.

Brad was speaking about the nomination, said: "It is certainly nice, I know how hard he worked on this film and it is great. ' He added: "It is a golden night for us."
Angelina, the honey of his blood and has been nominated for the Land of Ft director, said: "This is history, it is important to revisit. I am from Bosnia in the film, who were nervous about the war and survived rape. And the country is well received and it is everything to me. '
Choose a figure-hugging Givenchy Jessica Chastain, Jessica Biel donned Elie Saab, but not wearing the engagement ring and Amanda Peet and asymmetrical tiered gown by Marc Jacobs left out of position.

Brad was speaking about the nomination, said: "It is certainly nice, I know how hard he worked on this film and it is great. ' He added: "It is a golden night for us."
The Golden Globe winner, a television film, Mildred Pierce majani gold belt with the details of which Sawyer Packham dressed award for his role in the paddock.
Don ensemble for the evening, everyone had decided to light and there is red hot with Stacy Kiebler and Reese Witherspoon seems to show exactly how the food was wear the scarlet hues.

Brad was speaking about the nomination, said: "It is certainly nice, I know how hard he worked on this film and it is great. ' He added: "It is a golden night for us."
"It looks great, it is not, Clooney said that he escorted Beverly Hilton in a red carpet with his girlfriend.
There were plum worn in food and Emma Stone, dressed in a plunging Lanvin, while Tina fey is also the option to chose a purple dress.

Michelle Williams is also the color of the stone out in the midnight blue dress by Jason Wu worn, while Evan Rachel Wood feathers of its time - inspired by the beautiful blooms to appear.
Mother - the one with Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Michelle, how could he talk about me in a week.

She said: "I was prepared for almost a year, it is very slow, slow process."
"Third year in a row here, so awful is this such a great year." He gushed
Kelly Osbourne was on the afternoon before the first red carpet.

There is also a metallic shimmering silver gown with a skirt of green food in abundance on the red carpet with Madonna can be seen sashaying.
Nicole Richie by Julian MacDonald dress, a silver gown with Jimmy Choo heels and she had a connection to the House of Harlow in the bag.
Harsh star LEA Michelle donned a dress by Marchesa detail and sheer silver was very excited when he spoke at first with Ryan Seacrest.

The 27 - year-old Zac Posen dress in the fashion police down to the bold red carpet in a blue blazed as he prepared to run as e!'Correspondent.
His e! Managed co-host Giuliana Rancic duties between the two costume changes - a gray floor - length naked and black Monique Collignon Basil Soda gown and later changed to getup.
Maria Menounos and Mission Impossible star Paula Patton Canary yellow dresses with a pair of stone out of the Sunshine in the shade.

Of course in basic black with some stars to keep things simple, but Rooney showed exactly why I make a cut in color by Nina Ricci, and certainly not boring ceremony, said that about 'nervous' was.
Claire Danes also Mendall black and white gown, which began with bright red lips with the back cut on a detail.

The nominated actress admitted: "I am nervous, but I am also excited that I got with my Mom. '
When his best for the majority of the stars were there were some who failed to avoid a fashion disaster.
Sarah Michelle Gellar Mother's blue and white abstract gown by Monique Lee was selected by his daughter, but that night was the most spectacular view.

Presenter Ricky Gervais Golden Globes red carpet had not loitering around, spends time on, probably about the stars he was to avoid humiliation.
He quickly removed his partner Jane Fallon and bleed in the stars at the show.
Melissa McCarthy star and husband Ben Falcone bridesmaid while Missi Pyle, James Cromwell, and on the red carpet together itali


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