Ann Summers campaign front real woman, only to find the size of the competition - plus win a finalist

Ann Summers to launch the campaign in November, to find a face, the models had already been plucked from oblivion, he apparently looked a lot like the professionals.

But a victory for curvy women, Mother's chain Mother's Valentine's Day underwear campaign, running face the winner in a competition to find the finalist plus - size.
Lucy Moore, a criminal justice student at University of Westminster from Portsmouth to the public an effective 22 '30,000 votes percent safe summer for the next star.

The 20 - year more than 4,000 entrants in the same chain, the first TV ad in which the ten finalists star ITV2'sThe only way the final episode was screened in Essex was chosen as.
He's October opinion, which is only a plus - size models were attended by the panel during wowed.

Personality, confident and sexy body, size 16 curves Miss Mother Moore stand out n 'Summers CEO Jacqueline Gold, who chose to put them up by winning the final.
The other nine women from Essex Beaconsfield, Katie is the Mary kalitharo, Hayley is Dudley, Huddersfield from Natalie, mail from London, Hebburn from Kassidy, from London to Katy, and Sinead from Abigail was from Hartlepool.

Then, in a bid to win the Miss Moore announced on his campaign tour of the building depends on its chedyum.
Ann Summers store in her local newspaper, as well as the local time of the actual cost of the store window mannequin as a key modeling lingerie lines.
Drumming up more support in Milton Keynes Lucy opening a new store concept for the company, Ms. Claus outfit, and Twitter and Facebook to build support from his followers and Favorite celebrity tweeters donned.
MailOnline Ms. Moore said that he always wanted to be a model, it is still believed they had won.
She said: "I have friends at school, the girl in my group, so I avoided him by being fun and bubbly.
"My course mate at university, all now shown to me in my underwear. It is a bit weird. '

Ms. Moore added: "This is one of the most exciting for me and I can not believe I won a national modeling competition, and now things are made, it is beyond anything I could imagine.
"Hopefully it can be an inspiration for other curvy girls and give them confidence.
"I am looking at other girls and was thinking how beautiful they are. I think one of them can win it.
"I was presented with a curvier figure, women, and they show that the size or shape you sexy, no matter what you want to be. '

Jacqueline Gold added: "This campaign has been an exciting summer for this one and I was amazed by the amount of entries we received.
"This campaign is a real woman who embodied our brand and oozed sexiness and confidence was built.
"Lucy was really out to us and we are sure to Lucy and the campaign to save the window center stage at the show with our new collection for Valentine."
Mother Lucy Ann Summers is the UK's first campaign will be in the collection of Windows was released on January 19, 2012.


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