Serena Williams new outfit for Australian open

she is one of the greatest female tennis players of all time, but when it comes to her love life, Serena Williams, it seems to be not so successful
The 30 yesterday - the year of the opposite sex with bad luck who torment him, and claimed that she is so picky that it is close to going on any dates.
'Serenas revelations of the Australian Open in Melbourne unveiled a new outfit.

An ensemble of black and red lace corset - with style - by a blue Nike dress, pleated skirt with white details and a showing, her sister Venus Mother's fashion choices, which in the past, rather than worn on the court, a far cry from the outlandish costume.
Some new style Preference may be Mother's Serena will help to attract fans.
Speaking at an event, Serena said: "I am not always a date.

"I will be super picky, can never be satisfied.
'A little crazy right now Mother going on because when I am playing tennis I can not sleep because I am not always up to something.'
When asked, what he looks for help, Serena, joked that back in the small scale: anywhere between 18 and 80, gold purple, or green. '

And show off her toned body in the success - and a comedian - six pack abs, she says that with the completion of the exercise below.
But the Australian Open, five time winner of the contest with an injury and is now well enough to stay in practice, even though they did not give their feet clean bill of health only four days before the tournament can begin.
"The ankle is better. Williams, whose last tournament before the US Open in Brisbane in September for saying that I am taking it one day at a time.
"It is not 100 percent, but it was better than last week and is always one step ahead of Mother. '
Injuries of the seven-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams already had two major drawcards of the tournament, robbed, suffering from illness, and the German world number 10 Andrea Petkovic, who has a bad back.
Brisbane three-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova to pull out with an ankle injury forced the 20 - Italian Flavia Pennetta Mother Chinas Zheng Jie of the Auckland Classic on Sunday to end a injury to retire hurt.
Raft of injuries can be a headache for the organizers, but the title is a dark horse gallop for a wide open field and left the former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash as a TV pundit.

"Tennis is a brutal sport. For the Australian said, hell you can be fit as gym work and running, but once you start playing tennis courts on the idea and had it tough Mother.
Cash is good after her second Grand Slam trophy to check seal, after storming to the Wimbledon title last year, the competition continues to improve as the world number two Petra Kvitova pinpointed.
'It may be just around the icon to be a player on the actual form and with confidence,' he added.


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