As demand soars, the Brazilian bikini teeny little 'fatties' get up to

The girl from Ipanema is putting on a few pounds, and Brazil, the iconic small - bitsy, teeny-weeny bikini on the beach just is not enough for many sunbathers.

A growing number of Brazilian bikini manufacturers have woken up to the waist thickening and heavy with new plus size lines to reach out to women's ever-expanding ranks.
The countries where overweight women had no choice but to long oversized T-shirts and biker shorts ensembles of Sudarshan was hit the beach most of the body-conscious is nothing short of a revolution.

The small size that can fit into the thin girls in the bikini only to be used. , Elisangela Inez Soares said, but not everyone is built like a model "Copacabana beach as she sunbathed, oiled up her curves, packaged in a black U.S. size 12 bikini.
, 'Finally, it seems like people are beginning to realize that we are not all Gisele 38-year-old mother of four said, referring to the weak Brazilian super model Gisele Bundchen.
Clothing designer Clarice Rebelatto victim of the travails that his swimwear Lehona, a particularly inspired to found the plus size beachwear line.
Honestly, the problem has gone way beyond just a bikini.Rebelatto, himself, said a U.S. size 10 in Brazil, it may be that if you are a little chunky, find any kind of clothing in the right size was a real problem.
And I thought, 'I'm actually bigger than a lot of women out there, not even if I have problems, what are they?'
Since its launch in 2010, the line has become a hit.

Bold leopard print spots and flowers did not mean for wallflowers, the label 14 bikini styles are not what you'd normally associate with plus size swimsuits.
necklines plunge dramatically. Straps are just strings. And the famous 'fio dental or dental floss bikinis Brazilian string' class to qualify for the offer too much coverage, much more daring than the standard deduction to be American.
"We are working with the theory that larger women are just like everyone else: they do not want to look like old women, these are very minor, so the cover wearing just black swimsuits Luiz Rebelatto, Clarice's son and director of said Lehona.

They are all excited and he says, "I have been everywhere looking for a bikini. Where can I get? 'Rebelatto said.
Lehona currently large and long, especially at specialty stores that sold all over Brazil.
It retails for about 130 reais or $ 75 Bikini - a relatively high price point here, but Rebelatto said that sales have become a galloping pace, although he did not provide any figures.
The Acqua Rosa, a traditional swimwear label that in 2008 added a plus size line is the same story. Now, more than 70 percent of total sales of the brand to buy plus size MACEDO account director Joao said.
If it makes sense.
For centuries, Brazil was surrounded by large swaths malnutrition, and in 1970, the country's poor, rural northeast sector of the population was 10 percent are considered overweight, according to Brazil's National Statistics Institute.

A 2010 study by Statistics Institute showed that 48 per cent of adult women and men 50 per cent are now overweight. Percent in 1985, the figures for men were 29 percent and 18 percent for women.
(However, the rash is not plus size men's swimwear lines, as the men here wear Speedo-style suits that do not impinge on the nerve.)
Analysts increasingly wide perimeter Brazil for changes in nutrition, chips, processed meats and sweet rice, beans, and vegetables instead of soft drinks with staple feature.

to those picked out of poverty and manual labor become increasingly sedentary.
Or "little fatties' - however, despite their increasing numbers, not everyone 'gordinhas' chunky women as eager to embrace love is here.
Many high-end fast-growing market for plus size swimsuit manufacturers a seemingly deliberately turned a blind eye.
Rio-based premium brands Salinas, for example, five sizes from extra small through extra large offers. Sizing runs small but notorious and any brand of a U.S. size 6 really small - to fit into two pieces is hard to imagine anyone in management.
Luis Lehona Rebelatto it is partly up to arrogance.
"Some brands, they do not want their image associated with chunky women," he said. "Only thin, rich and chic."
The 'Brazilian government for a public policy preoccupation increasing weight, increasing the ranks of the overweight population has increased the visibility of the Brazilian society.
Obese extra-wide bucket seats have been installed in the Sao Paulo subway system, and the Brazilian city on Sunday held the first ever beauty contest Miss Plus Size.
"It may be that people would stare at me 'Soares, sensual worship the sun on Copacabana beach.
And many of them are wearing bikinis - so I'm not self conscious any more now that I come to the beach, I have women who are much bigger than me see.
"God makes some people are thin, but she made me this way," she said, down her stomach and thighs bulge rubbing well-oiled.
So what I did wrong? "


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