Model breast dressed! Designer fashion week in Rome strange owl gown revealed

Known as Fashion Week, Alta Roma at the Paris, London or Milan has to do with.

Gianni Molaro proved catwalk show breast is best to ask your question tomorrow.

A model with her strange her arms on her chest folder was wearing a straight jacket as if he took to the catwalk. When her hand dropped to his sides, however, a single, large breasts, which was then sewn up bra exposed.
See a wide hipped, floor length fishtail skirt, which was interesting crotch than a large sewn cross and a stripy hat complete with models was transparent on the face.

But that was far from the only organization to turn heads at the show.
Another model is the corset made out of a large umbrella skirt was pulled down by the weight. He and a string of pearls with fifties-style sunglasses accessorised.

A third model, a large red heart in the cracks as was designed.Heart of a light blue gown formed a background - embellished with golden wings - which seemed to hover above the ground.
But the piece de resistance was a tribute, a kind of crisis in the Eurozone.
Yellow, yellow dress with a bodice and skirt cut away below the Currency style line chart was on the panel.
'Spread' and 'BTP' पर the floor length gown emblazoned - Italian government bonds and German bunds were in terms of the difference between dangerous.

Model right shoulder dress was embellished with a blue and yellow disks. And in her hair, but appropriate, flashing blue light was embedded.
Show the music was provided by a violinist - Molaro works and wear - a servant who was suspended from the trolley, while he played electric violin. Prasad holds even more wackier color eyeshadow false eyelashes and blues was sung by.
Guests on the show, must have been wondering how the twin towers Molaro died during the September 11, 2004 will be the top tribute. Now is to beat mega owl.
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