Eva Herzigová dress for VIP dinner

Herzigová its fair share of the Spotlight may Eva, but the supermodel is still charming when he wanted the party reached the head.

I picked up a black dress for the 38-year-old Geneva, Switzerland attending an event.
These sparkling black sweetheart in a corset top that clung to the Czech Mother beauty Petite frame.

The sex appeal of its drop-waist dress and a flowing skirt, which fell by Mother Eva bell tone.
The diamond jewelry and a simple black outfit with lots of high-heeled pumps began.
Eva and shiny red lip gloss after the curls of her golden tresses styled in many applied to complete the look.

The model, which is fronting a campaign for Wonderbra lustrous best - Montblanc Princesse Grace de Monaco is known the presence of a VIP dinner.
Montblanc CEO Lutz Bethge and she photographed on the red carpet for the itali.
Eva, who was once married to Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres is currently dating Gregorio Marsiaj.

The couple, along with the four-year-old son, George.
And a supermodel, a jewelry brand Chopard is a woman's face is life in the past said that 'work' as motherhood Views.
I totally love it, 'he said. 'I think motherhood is a woman, it is their work.

"My life was turned upside-down the most wonderful way Herzigová Elle magazine last April.
"I am more focused, not a home, only to have my head on the ceiling, but actually creating a homey feel. Of the building '
'As a model, the life of a gypsy kind of living in hotels, working all the time, cooking for yourself instead of ordering room service.There are quite a nest - building. '
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