Rihanna showed off her incredible bikini in a sexy silver cutaway swimsuit as she enjoyed a boat trip with friends in Hawaii

When she can take the time to travel and put the hours in the studio, rihanna still works in the body - the effect is devastating.

The singer is a feeling of luxury boat ship silver swimsuits in the air a little left out of the office one day left to the imagination.
The small silver cover and a minimum number of meat cut from the net current in each turn of the panel.


It appears that the singer, 23 - year-old was so enamored with its hot to see that he wants to share with their followers on the 12million Twitter.
She shot back that pert derriere showed off her post with the caption "Wake ... Bake ... # Cake. '
Rihanna on the front shot of a pair of sunglasses which come with a hand saw with a post on his hip.
No doubt that today most of their skimpy ensemble means of an easy feat given the propensity for flashing flesh food.

But that figure, the curved appearance of their own fans and all the right places with the Incredible tone, you can blame for sharing.
Rihanna had her hair curled and piled on top of her head and held her face with a brown visor.
Yesterday singer tweeted: 'I love you too! Can not believe we're here already ... # 12Milli You, Thank You

His leave of cigarette smoking for the past few days have been the singer appeared suspicious and not lose any fans with his antics.
All night long on his Twitter rihanna song, some songs on the rapper Drake Mother asserts, by specifying exactly what he has been smoking appeared.
He wrote: "Kush manavyo, glass full ... I prefer the good things!"Kush, a type of cannabis, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, are mainly found.

The singer, who looked pensive as he the sea in a new Armani campaign features a skin - tight hot pink dress, who was wearing a green and black bikini on waded.
His knee - deep water splashed around while walking hand-rolled cigarettes after the first day, clutching.
Roll up the brown papered considered a 'blunt', which seems to be a common term for a marijuana filled cigar. Type of hip hop music and popular favor.


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