FHM Philippines Magazine Cover girl Ellen Adarna

Holy freaking Batman .. You're going to love this post! When I mentioned the last time we had here was a Filipina beauty, but do not remember going to see that what you are looking for a Mother of the Philippines, hot girls from Ellen Adarna, the new drive his wicked curve unleashing FHM Philippines.
First of all, Wow! The peaches were not enough, it was one of the hottest, and the sexiness of this awesome display to go with me blow our mind and storm generated. He literally scorching up the pages of the magazine with Mother of boom and I think that it is safe to say that Mother has already become one of our choosing.Gosh, she is like an Asian Megan Fox!

I googled his name, but you very well and I find out more information about Guys and such .. There is not much on it yet.Apparently it is a popular model and TV star from the Philippines, but with a body like hers, she certainly deserves global attention.Enjoy!


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