Photo shoot with : Melissa Riso

Melissa Riso Guamanian and Italian ethnic community is a strange. As a Northern California native, Melissa and her father, Salinas, California, Guam, and the older siblings have spent several warm summers, where his mother lives.

Melissa in such a small town and island inspired her dream to pursue modeling and acting, and thus wanted the country to move to the Southern California area was natural. Like many of the same type of training and established hair stylist Melissa, commercial, and adult film star Jesse Jane along with the Playboy TV show episode on TV, and now on TV Playboys "Bad Ass" show.

Modeling and style of the busy world outside, Melissa enjoys exploring new restaurants, good wine, (Australia anyone?), Travel, dancing, and active in the gym. He had one hand on her and her big screen blastinga and a glass of Pino Grigio in the Wii controller in the other room swimming pool fond of entertaining friends.

Everyone always asks what all of his stomach on a large tattoo.Well, when he was a freshman in high school, he is a very serious accident in the car died on the highway. Internal bleeding in her stomach and her back was broken. So they cut her open, bleeding off the inside. She had a bad six-inch scar from the surgery and plastic surgery to try to get it. But the scar is healing nicely and was very thick. So he designed his own tattoo to be insecure about the bad spot was that it covered all throughout high school. They never get a large tattoo, but there would be a story behind everything ...

51 Let the beauty and small frame fool you, a Southern California Mother's hottest nightclubs recently, Melissa worked as a bouncer is not complete! Yes, this feisty Pacific Islander, as well as defensive tactics and training a pair of handcuffs!


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