The former Disney star Selena Gomez says: aside childish things, hosting the 2nd Annual UNICEF Concert

Friday evening 19-year-old has shown a more mature look as she arrived at the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard.

But grown-up look at a maxi skirt are naked, teen sensation by wearing a top belly baring flesh began.
Star White T-shirt was cut to the Beach House, on the show except for two areas of his abdomen.
Gomez accessorised a long chain and pendant with access to the belly button down to look at him.

Earlier in the day, Selena her Los Angeles' famous bar expressed enthusiasm for the event.
He told Twitter followers: "You all ready for UNICEF show tonight?See you in 5 hours. "
Show band, Big Time Rush to be their friends were welcomed with a big presence.

All week, rumors are rife that her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, 17, who really did make a surprise appearance is planned.
Brunette celebrity friends on hand, Ashley Tisdale, 26, to support the back of the stage and she tweeted a picture with some other colleagues.
He captioned it: "UNICEF very much for showing love:)
Selena has been an ambassador for the charity for two years, and also to visit Ghana and Chile to bring awareness of certain issues.

Tap the celebrity launch in 2011, which raised money UNICEF water and Togo, Central African Republic and in Vietnam, helping to provide sanitation program.
The first time Justin is her boyfriend action is not supported. He found out in early summer 2011 tour, favorite girl and Justin Timberlake Cry Me a River mash-up display.
Acoustic concert moments stand out tonight made me her Miranda Lambert House, which her mother, who suffered a miscarriage last month devoted to covers.

Gomez also announced that Ethan Roberts, was the scene of a member of the band and wish him best for his future projects.
After moving up and he certainly can understand.
Selena recently bid farewell to her own children's television show when it ended the last series.
She wrote on her Facebook page: "You guys, I sincerely the best of my life to be a part of 4 years can not thank you enough!
"I love the whole experience and I am grateful for it. I love you guys! I see more things you are expected to continue to enjoy! :) "
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