Former footballer underage lingerie line debuts at Couture Fashion Week hooker paid for sex

 French Moroccan prostitute Zahia Dehar a year ago made headlines after it was claimed that he was paid for sex with three French football stars underage.
While their lives have been shattered by the charges, 19-year-old Zahia fate was completely changed.

Buxom models on the runway to demonstrate some of her own design, including a leaf gown left little to the imagination.

lookbook range master for the world's top designers of a channel was photographed by Karl Lagerfeld ..
Just a year ago to a girl who was selling her body for cash, have been dramatic changes.
Prostitution in France, where the accused's legal to keep, but women selling sexual services must be 18 years old or more.
Zahia was only 16 when the French footballer Franck Ribery, 28, and 17 met when Karim Benzema, 23, and 31, Sydney Govou, for sex to pay thousands of pounds an underage girl was accused of vice.
Three years in prison on those charges and faced fines of 40,000 pounds.

Charges imposed on the other two men have never been proven.However, sullied the reputation of all three men were left.
However, while the men were notorious Zahia capitalized on her notoriety, her life completely changed around.
Soon after the allegations came to light, Zahia has become a lingerie model, among other publications on the cover of V Magazine Vanity Fair Italy, looking.
The former prostitute, the latest venture 'Fashion' is a line of lingerie.

Indeed, this kind of appeal that he Zahia top couturiers in France to recruit some help in the design and range of services has managed to craft.
François Tamarin, Bruno Legeron, and worked on a piece of designers, including Jean-Pierre Ollier.
In a stunning coup de grace, Karl Lagerfeld was persuaded to join the project, Zahia Dehar agreed modeling photo collection.

Like Vargas pinups as "very, very funny - as a press kit in today's show is over - Lagerfeld photographs he described. It was fun to do it. "
According to Lagerfeld, Zahia is being celebrated in the manner of traditional French escorts.
"He's like a French courtesan Liane de Pougy or Otéro Belle," he said, although he noted: 'I do with my collection - do not. "
@ ZahiaOfficiel Dehar awarded her Twitter page, his pleasure in working with Karl Lagerfeld tweeted, saying: 'sense photographiée est comme un par Karl Lagerfeld Reve Qui devient réalité ... (Being photographed by Karl Lagerfeld is like a dream come true).
The world has taken note of the media. Not only Zahia V and was photographed for Italian Vanity Fair, but the mention of her lingerie line was created to honor the fashion publication WWD.
had to maintain the buff.
, He says I love them all, adding that he was surprised that the players face three years in prison for the alleged crime had.
He said that Ribery Benzema, and Govou all with utter respect "and his treatment should be left alone.


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