How to wear a bikini! Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima perfect tropical swimwear pictures in St. Barts

The most incredible looking women in the world and even the crown jewel of the exotic beauty of the Caribbean - St. Barts, could not challenge her stunning looks.

Because Adriana Lima, 30, is the incredible picture undeniable pull Victoria's Secret, the mother saw the shooting of a reputed brand for the swimsuit models.
Lima, which showed a two-year-old daughter Valentina and her enviable figure reassuringly looked healthy and toned.

Brazilian-born beauty everyday workouts, a carefully restricted diet and diet and only liquids - nine days before the show, admitted for the month.
But 30-year-old girl rejected the government - which raised eyebrows far and wide for extreme dieting condoning - as nothing more than a "misunderstanding."

Speaking with E! Canadian, Brazilian model affects teenage girls urged to ignore the rigorous preparation.
Those teenagers out there, you do not go hungry or to drink only liquids ... Please do that. "
Instead, he made a show of flashing her Starbucks coffee and cake: "I have my Starbucks coffee there" and that her comments were just a misunderstanding intensive diet. "

He said he drinks a gallon of water each day closing and runs for nine days is a protein-heavy diet of liquids only.
In the final section, for 12 hours before the show, stay away from it completely fluid, news letter will explain: 'not dry out the fluid so you all can sometimes make you to him for eight pounds lost.

But it appears her comments were an illusion.
Nor portrayed as hard as regular exercise, he said, and it does not follow in a year.
"It's not that I do throughout the year in the crazy diet. I just do this particular thing. After the show, I become normal again! "He told the Canadian network.

"I know that it is very intense, but ... I just feel like an athlete and I appreciate it are. "
Ms. Lima lovely model Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio and annual show bevvy including Karlie Kloss joined
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