Kim Kardashian admits her marriage moments after contact with her late Father is over

With 72 days after they were divorced and we all know his love will not last.
But tonight the audience saw the moment Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries accepts his marriage was not working.

A medium John Edwards, who claimed that he was communicating with his late father burst into tears after a meeting with Kim and her sister said: "I want to be married."

Edwards asked during the session of the sisters were both divorced.
Kim said: "I am divorced, I mean that I was married, but I was divorced."
Medium reality star was asked if she learned from her divorce, claiming that her father wanted to know.
Kim worried that this line of inquiry and how he felt about his relationship Kourtney later in the session was secret.
He said: "I divorced when he was talking about the stuff was so crazy about.
"I honestly feel like I can no longer do this with Chris. I feel like I got way too fast. You know that I'm not happy. "

Through out his stuff was famous.
Intense during the time slot Kourtney Edwards also predicted the next pregnancy. "I know you just got married [Kim] and I say this.No longer is pregnant? "

"I'm looking twins, so it's either that or somewhere in there is a sign of Gemini. I am looking platinum blonde ... "

will confirm that John is right.

For the couple to find out what advice to give to his father if he were alive, although it was not so sure Kourtney decided to go mental.
"I do not know if I'm against it. I do not think you should do it. "

Kim's second episode is essentially geared towards the revelation that he wanted to split from Chris.
Failure to communicate with her on-year.
nonchalantly said, 'OK.'

Father '
While Disick gushed: 'I think I fell in love with him because he was cute and down to earth. I knew he had a good heart. "

Love the couple had the right idea, while Kim and Chris on their different personalities bickered.
is one of the members of the family happy.

They left the hotel residence Gansevort have lunch.
, and brother and sister to laugh off the excitement.
"I do not know if he's going to be ready to sacrifice: as the two sat down to eat vs. Kris Kayla demanding schedule of a family opened
Speaking of Kim, she's mad at me? I actually know him and hang out with him, which he said, "that we can arrange that."

Eventually, Kayla Scott Disick resort to hang out with, he is in town complained about the lack of attention.
He also blasts that Kim did not know he was coming drops. If his face drops as she assured him, 'I would not worry about it that much "but that description of events for the camera as" crazy.
Kayla leaves in a huff after city, businessmen started to feel bad about his approach, but Chris is not sympathy.
Just maybe I'm too busy for an attitude. "
As the tension built, it was Kourtney and Scott have a false light in the controversy about the picture is some light relief.

It is arranged so that the eldest Kardashian artist with the help of black tape over her boyfriend look of a unibrow makes entrepreneurs less affected by the storm and is in his bedroom.

Beautiful fashion designer agrees, "True dat. '
Kim added directly to the roof on an adorable photo shoot for them to fix a rough patch.
Kim is acting strange and far away: Kris show a preview of next week's show to tell a friend in the back of a car with a set of powerful feeling. I'm on it. "


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