Paul McCartney on his feet to break scoops playful Jamaican Nancy Shevell, Petite figure as he appears in a bikini

With less than three months of marital bliss, you can post: Nancy Shevell and Paul McCartney holiday getaway for a honeymoon period and still be alone in relishing the expectation can be selected.

But the designer Ralph Lauren and his family with a sociable couple chose to leave; fellow newlyweds Lauren Bush and David Lauren, including in Jamaica.
Sunshine was seen soaking up with this group, but the former Beatle because he only had eyes for his wife in his arms was seen scooping and lifting from the floor.

The duo, who last October at the Old Marylebone Town Hall in a civil marriage ceremony was also joined by Paul stella children, James and Linda, and Heather Mills and Beatrice, with their relationship.

Nancy especially defied his 51 years, effortlessly beautiful in a bright pink bikini for.
While she was undeniably thin, her trim figure and the corresponding length of its tall supermodel Thappa linear incision with immense reach and maintain the curve in all the right places.

Instead, it is only a stone water lounger by the adventures of the red line was used.
Wearing goggles and a breathing device, vanity apart, and she put in to go snorkeling.
Although the company was the Lorraine family - children, but Mother's Paul - he seemed most content when he was only two reasons for them by strolling.

There was a break with their New Year, McCartney celebrated for other reasons.
The 69-year-old, 70 June to the end of his upcoming album feel after weeks of speculation, the lower would be unusual to be called Kiss.

It will be released next month, and two new tracks to my Valentine, and is only included in our Hearts.
This track record also will feature a collection of McCartney up was heard as a child; and a deeply personal journey, as described.
On his website, Paul explained that the name of the opening of its new album, the songs I'm Gonna sit Right Down and Write Myself I have a letter, published in 1935 by Fat Waller.

This album, Los Angeles, New York and London in 2011, the entire record at the legendary Capitol Studios, Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder was a guest musician and features.
Daughter Mary photograph of his father for the album sleeve.


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