Tulisa and Fazer £ 1000 a night in a romantic way to enjoy holidays to Maldives

boyfriend with a luxury break for most of his 23 - year-old idea of ​​Magaluf, will be a five day all inclusive.
But to see her star power to last year's X Factor, Tulisa Contostavlos and Fazer her boyfriend to work on the judges as the winner because you reached a really high life.
The couple Maldives, where he lapped up the luxury at the photo, coco palm resort enjoyed a romantic New Year holiday.

Tulisa, 23, and Fazer, real name Richard Dawson, who used to keep their relationship is firmly under wraps, not the mind of the public display of affection on the beach, he saw that they put on.

Lies on the blinding white sand, with the couple strolled, sipping cocktails on the scenery and stay on the meat.
The X Factor judge, pink, purple and gold, wearing a string bikini that showed off her figure, while her boyfriend and bandmate N-Dubz, 24, into the history of the ocean and the Calvin Klein underwear shorts are wearing.

Make sure they look great with Fazer, belts, bracelets necklaces, and accessorised with a cap.
The duo, which is well known each other for more than a decade, but officially began dating in May 2010 because they had a great spirit about the crystal clear waters splashed.
As he wrapped his arms around her boyfriend Tulisa Piggy - a hug before turning back around in the shallow water.

Kayaking with sunbathing and swimming among them some exercise in the least.
The water out, the couple say their deck chair at dodavi, where they are on the same bed lounged.
Martina Cole, Fazer Tulisa when the sun fell asleep in his novel became engrossed in the Jump.

This five star resort staff to ensure they are always at the cocktails, and champagne on the table with Fanta hydrated.
Music - loving pair were also provided with a portable iPod player to complete the beach on his days in luxury.
The coco palm resort features more ocean water of the Lake have been met and five restaurants.

Tulisa and Fazer outside a Mother's Sunset Lagoon Villas Hotel for a special New Year break at £ 1.018 per night bombardment.
Back on British soil, though they are now, and they run back to work for a couple.
After landing in London on Saturday, refresh Tulisa Twitter fans said that both she and Fazer on a single heading in the studio this week.


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