Sexy Girl hotter than you think! Adriana Cernanova in swimwear

Remember back in the day when I was totally infatuated with Slovakian supermodel Adriana Cernanova, and her groovy little body? You don’t ? Well.. who cares if you remember or not? Here she is finally back in our attention with a new ridiculously hot photoshoot.

This time she’s posing for the newest collection of swimwear from Neiman Marcus reminding us all that she has a killer body and she surely loves to show it off. As you can see from any of these photos.. she looks freaking sexy from head to toe, even though she gives me a weird vibe from some of these photos.

I guess that’s because she seems so serious while modeling bikinis. Maybe a cute smile and a couple of weird ass poses would have made this photoshoot even better than it is. But forget this, I’m sure she’s doing exactly that behind the camera when she’s rolling over the floor laughing at my weird jokes.


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