Rihanna beer, with a snorkel and a tiny bikini enjoying the last day of his Hawaiian vacation takes her own advice

A girl who has a song called Rockstar 101 clearly knows how to squeeze off the last drops of fun out.
A 23-year-old singer from a tiny bikini and gold ornaments of the boat wearing nothing more than lounging around in her last moments enjoyed by the air.

Singer is small multi-colored two-piece boasts a zig-zag pattern showed her curves.
Dirty hair curls around her face in her left loose.
Star her organization might have been at least ensured he was accessorised to perfection.

The large hoops in her ears and a delicate chain that hung loosely around his neck and walked her around the waist was wearing.
Rihanna saw his skin protected from harsh sunlight and sat on her body spray suntan cream.
But there's only so much a girl can take to make, and soon the pop star crystal blue waters travel chosen for a little snorkelling.
He did so, of course, while enjoying a beer and waving his arms around like he just did not care.

Rihanna - whose real name is Robyn Fenty - her glam girl image for once did not give a thought.
She and her hair is dry in a huge Auburn cloud ensembles in favor of the general state of the art fashion wore a bright yellow lifejacket.

Barbadian-born beauty seemed to be having a blast and she laughed and danced with her crew of friends.
He fooled around and climbing on his friends as they played in the water all the while clutching a beer Carona was seen.

Enforcement tools to help groups were seen wading in the water and seemed to spend hours splashing around.

Later he was seen in a symmetrical print dress as she stood watching the sunset from the back of the boat.
Rihanna put on her sunkissed skin color looked stunning in low-cut dress.

Pair three years ago after a 22-year-old R & B singer Rihanna was convicted of the 2009 Grammy Awards before the attack broke.
Time, he had issued a restraining order, since it is comfortable.

It has been reported, however, is that the two have rekindled their unhealthy relationship and meeting secretly in recent weeks.
They were also the last night at Hollywood hot spot Greystone Manor.
Regardless of what is going on with her ex, Rihanna attended the Grammy Awards next month, a princess of China will perform with Coldplay.

Yesterday it emerged that Rihanna Vevo channel on Youtube it's the first female artist to reach over two billion.
Singer tweeted: 'First chic ever to reach 2 billion on VEVO! # RihannaNavy Congratulations! # QueenzOfVEVO
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