Oops! Whitney Port grabs her modest bikini top comes loose in the pool since

Whitney Port is a very embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on the weekend, managing to protect yourself.
A romantic dip in the pool with a mystery man during a 26-year-old reality star bikini top unfastened and had to close down completely.
Luckily City Star, which is currently in Miami, Florida vacation short just in time to quickly caught on swimwear.

A cream lace bandeau two-piece swimsuit in question, which Whitney had increased the thin frame.
While still super-slim, reality star in her very small central area appears to have gained some slight curves.
Whitney appears to recognize the new man of him yet remains a mystery.

Kissing and cuddling couple could hardly keep their hands to one another as her boyfriend joined his girlfriend in the water.
Where they work on their tans after a couple sunlounge went to his love.
After your sunbaking session, booking a taxi for a romantic dinner before heading out both head back to your room.

Whitney is a very comfortable T-shirt and a charcoal quickly ripped denim jeans for the evening meal together in combination to match changed.
Barely two months after she split with her actor boyfriend Ben Nemin, Whitney first time back in August last year was seen with her secret lover.

Whitney announced in June that he had split with boyfriend of 16 months, Buried Life star Ben Nemtin.
"I do not have a boyfriend," she said when her 28-year-old ex-boyfriend asked about the event: an event for Snapple teas and juice maker, she said.

It is thought that the reality which also features movie star Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez and Elizabeth Banks will be making a cameo role.
Cheryl Cole has a small role in the film - he is playing the judge in a reality show.


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