Selena Gomez Gets Under Water To Sell Her Fragrance

I have never gotten to the point of celebrity fragrances. I do notparticularly want to smell like any of my favorite celebrities, but Iassume that they can make a great holiday gift. Selena Gomeznew fragrances for Mother Who will I buy? Well, I do not know.Selena Gomez is a fan may be on my list, in which all of the album,DVD, etc.

I assume that is not really the point though. So what's the point.Pretty simple. Selena Gomez is gorgeous. Selena posted a comment on the other, like I was in the order, he is only 19, suchthat I do not think in his early twenties. It surprised me, especiallywhen I see pictures like the ones in this photo shoot for his newfragrance. With a maturity of someone much older and she is a young girl. I love this girl and can not wait to have him for the future.

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