Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Disney film fan his entire cast will return to Tattoo

The entire cast of characters etched on his skin - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a fan of their favorite film of the last tribute paid.

Annfaye Kao, 27, Taichung, Taiwan for three months from the complex art of his marathon session, a full back tattoo was inked entirely.
The patchwork of color cartoons about a dream he had a fairy tale inspired by

Blue - hair and scarlet lips, sport, Snow White and the centerpiece of the evil queen, prince charming Grimhilde hover above.
Professional tattoo artist Ping Incredible meticulously worked out and colorful displays the infamous scene from the Disney animated film.
The seven dwarves are also happily be seen - except grumpy - enjoy the rolling green countryside.

And influential international tattoo convention in Singapore Annfaye Notched ink work of an award.
She said: 'It took three months to complete as it was so detailed.It hurt really bad on my whole back is a complete one.
"I like pain at the time was that I wanted it to hurry up, but fortunately I did not and it is not finished.

"I got a tattoo to show shortly afterwards was invited to the first course and the best tattoo contest."

The Incredible Annfaye ink by being inspired by a dream after about Snow White.
Annfaye - Snow White, who says his favorite movie character of all time, ever said: 'tattoos were started for the purpose of a dream.
'It was me and my love for Snow White reminded of his childhood as he is so beautiful.
"As a child I used to imagine I was Snow White in the wind so it seemed like a good thing for my back tattoo.
'Snow White, a part of my childhood, and so do I, so I'm happy, I will always love it - it was reminiscent of my princess dream. "
Annfaye firm and its support of friends and family as a whole.
He added: "Everyone is love, which makes me very understanding and supportive of the people around me feel lucky.
"I started dating my boyfriend was not but I love what I do and will accept my intense respect for tattoos.
"If they can accept, and then we really will not be relevant to people."
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