Miranda Kerr pose for Victoria's Secret campaign

Showing them how it's done, Miranda Kerr strikes a cheeky pose for the latest Victoria's Secret campaign.
Some briefs wearing a camisole and French mother steals the spotlight as he showcases pieces from the new lingerie range.
Exhibit a completely toned body, the Pilates, yoga and healthy food combining has certainly paid off.

Also starring in the campaign are 'Angels' Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Erin Heatherton and Lindsay Ellingsonare.
Lace, animal prints and pastel colors are the key features of the collection unveiled by U.S. retailer

Miranda has since 2007 been working for Victoria's Secret, when the company became the first ever Australian model.
And so he collaborated with lingerie and clothing labels like talking about, Miranda said recently: "He's about a healthy body image and a curvaceous image so you know, it's good, This promotion is good for us.
"But I think it's important for anyone [an] exercise regime because they feel better about themselves.

"It's just a mental thing as much as a physical thing."
And to keep in shape he sticks to the rule of healthy eating, only occasionally indulge.
He said: "The first step is to eat healthy. I mainly eat organic when I can.
"I eat very healthy, because when I do, I have more energy. "I spinach, avocado, greens and love broccoli.
"I pretty much healthy 80 percent, 20 percent is merciful, because I do not believe in depriving myself."
Bust enhancing lingerie collection this year and gorgeous lace Dream Angels push - up bra introduction.


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