Paraguayan model Claudia Galanti to the Brazilian - style shows bikini derriere in the tone

It is not yet known in the States, but the stunning Paraguayan model Claudia Galanti is clear that attempting to change.
And they are going the right way.
Miami's 30 years as a delighted tone in two stunning figure, she was paraded in a Bikini beach-goers.

Mother - one of the US holidaying with his young son and boyfriend.
He scored on a peach - colored Brazilian - Bottoms bikini cut its full derriere as she showed her young son on the beach.

Two - piece in the top half white, and orange and black design of the Ultra - Hollywood on appeals - sized sunglasses added a pair.
This was a brunette, but her main designer handbag - but when she expected to find a home filled with sand as it will be left on the ground.
Claudia is a sun loungers on the phone chatting and finally washed with a role in his son before it is placed in liquidation.

He has an array of bikinis and other beach on the last few weeks have been a figure flaunting.
Some reports claim she was pregnant, but the model looked it up today.
Claudia was born in Paraguay, but the reality series, the famous island, Survivor is equal to, or I am including the Italian celebrity shows, the number displayed on the ... Get me out of here.


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