Rosie Huntington-Whiteley slips in a Bikini and a poolside with boyfriend Jason Statham signal off the beach

Huntington-Whitely Rosie and Jason Statham for the Miami Heat brought in - and it is a lot - because they are put on display today in steamy poolside.
The couple in full view of his fellow guests at the hotel the picture was rolling around in the sun lounger.
A pleasure - for Jason, 44, was grinning ear to ear from his 24 - year-old Mother Victoria Secret model girlfriends, it reached the top.

The Transformers beauty is to me last week, almost two years late with her boyfriend sharing a kiss - while his hands were wondering.
Rosie Snatch star Jason and itali Enamoured the picture, which he snapped his camera phone before she rolled a cigarette and smoked.
Rosie to her animal print boob tube tone showed Pat, began with a gray tracksuit Bottoms manavyo.

Jason, meanwhile, a loose shirt and navy blue chinos donned.
The Angeles - Los Angeles-based British born couple jetted to Florida to celebrate the New Year.
And things to see, before he got the party started.

Late on the day, the couple on the beach outside their hotel to lap up the gorgeous weather ventured.
Rosie slipped in a Bikini, which she began with a see - through the USA flag printed on the crop.
Jason has also opted to change the outfit, shorts and T shirt - wore white.
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