Photos of Exclusively Russian Immigrant Ladies

As a result of taking photos of exclusively Russian immigrant ladies in standard pin-up positions, Irina Davisis inventing her very own style of Russian pin-up.

"Because of the devastation of World War II, Russian "girls" in the '40s and '50s were taught to be tough and work hard. I am saddened by the fact that Russia never had the chance to enjoy the happy pin-up times of America's postwar period. In fact, cheerful American pin-up art was considered in Soviet Russia to be politically incorrect, decadent and flat-out immoral, the product of a culture that could never understand the true nature of the human condition."
The idea is to show natural beauty, femininity and sexuality, Irina is actually revealing the story of a crisis of Russian national identity, along with the frustration and confusion of self-identification with the Old Country, the New World, and a diaspora caught between them.

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