"The Premier Baby" full body paint naked milk E Christmas clothes

British lingerie Female mold Ryan ‧ Sugden (Rhian Sugden) hot body, has been called "The Premier Baby", she is also working for the public, the body wearing only underwear to body painting artists Van Gogh ni ‧ (Fanny Gogh) for her painting, Green, white, red in color, and open for public photographs, proceeds will be donated. 
Manchester (Manchester) within the Exclusive Bijou Club, Ryan for the holiday charity naked into battle, wearing only her underwear, so that Van Gogh painted for her as, after the opening line of people taking pictures, a charge of £ 5 (about NT $ 236 yuan ); and the proceeds donated to charities, hospitals and so on.

Ryan was born in 1986 in Manchester, England, at age 25, she has an angel face and E milk good body, the British "Sun" Page Three Girl; It is reported that there was NBA basketball player issued a document in Twitter, "said Ryan is totally my food, "and even the Portuguese football star C Lo also threw himself at her feet.


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