Big Brother's Celebrity Georgia Salpa looks like Kim Kardashian's sisters

She had long black hair extensions, olive skin and pouty lips with the reality star - but not Kim.
It is the Irish doppelganger Georgia Salpa, the Celebrity Big Brother on the US shocking audiences with the likeness of the star.
26 Further, lingerie model, four years younger than Kim, but perhaps a little less money in the bank.
A pair of large brown eyes are the same, high cheek bones and ample chest, and both share a very tight clothes and a strong tendency for the wheel.
Kim also doubtless trademark dierrier Greece - Georgia Mother's Birth is larger than, although it was set up in the past, joked that he considered them to be more like Kim.

TV personality Calum Best, his brief relationship with Georgia is the best known, while Kim and his family made their name in the kingdom.
Fans took to Twitter after last night declared that Georgia will be entered in the Celebrity Big Brother house.
One said that he could have been "separated at birth.

Another added: "I think Georgia Salpa is better looking than Kim.A good figure! '
This beauty is a short, strapless white dress and wearing Brian Dowling said he spent the whole day to get ready.

And in less than 24 hours later, twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon Playboy, he has already, in the bikini stripping 22.
Two of his chest in a frilly, which he insists contains no surgically enhanced as they bounced around the bathroom and enviably flat stomach Petite body flaunting conflict.
Kirk was seen drooling: "The Georgia girl, I love, I always have."


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