Tamara Ecclestone on Dubai sun £50,000 diamond earrings, a Rolex and a £25,000 bracelet:

Beach dressing down for not one of your Ecclestone ... You can blame.
While most women do not think wearing jewelry will be at the beach, the billionaire's daughter was dripping in £ bling of 100,000.
The socialite 27 - year-old was soaking up the sun in the Maldives and Dubai at the end of a break.

It is the rich and famous for its 12 months, her stockbroker boyfriend Omar April Khyami, 37 with a trip to visit the resort is favored by.

Lead to a crocodile skin print bikini, push up bras mahinanum for the recently announced Miss Ecclestone was no need for any appearance.
But it is impossible to distinguish themselves in their own two gold bracelets, James, a large sparkling ring, diamond earrings and watches including Rolex, has appeared.

Cartier love bracelet for her diamond-encrusted gold alone is £ 25,000 and £ 50,000 diamond stud earrings return is around.
As he looked the picture of Miss Ecclestone calm sea paddled, but it was a relaxed feeling on his return to England was short, sharp end.
Arrived back in London yesterday morning, they get caught in road jams his frustration vented.
'Worst ever traffic from Heathrow ... Go to Dubai! Want? ' She wrote on Twitter.

Miss Ecclestone, London Boat Show which is open due to the £ 45million home in Kensington that his father, F1 supremo Bernie is the person, their £ 18million purchase of the renovation.
Work in an underground nightclub, a bowling alley, a beauty salon and SPA to be installed, including his five dogs.
She accepted his extravagant lifestyle made him a target for criticism during gloomy economic times, but claimed that she, like any other girl "was.


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