Footloose and fancy free beach in tiny bikini frolic with Julianne Hough slips Ryan Seacrest

It is hard to see what Ryan Seacrest girlfriend Julianne Hough in a bikini looks as good as it looks.
The actress, 23 - year two of hot pink bathing suit while on vacation on Tuesday in the body, flaunted her toned and trim beach in St. Barts.
He has to his flat, muscular stomach, after showing it to the sea splashing around with a few female friends were not shy about towelled.

Her boyfriend producer,  ​​host of entertainment guru Ryan Seacrest, on the Caribbean island joined to his girlfriend of eight months.

Ownership of small arms around his lady love, then put two down the beach to enjoy the sun and strolled.
Two of their beach gear in a low key relaxed as they looked down on the sand bed meandered.
Former Dancing with the Stars hoofer and a blue chambray shirt open to show off her bikini top on the left and some high waisted shorts and threw pink.

The 37-year-old American Idol host, long shorts, white polo shirt and black cap with a preppy look to the past, he had A pair of tasseled loafers.
Stylist Rachel Zoe stars and investment banker husband, Rodger Berman: their romantic stroll, they ran into another high-profile couple.
Then tow her adorable son duo for nine months - was the old Skyler.

The foursome nearby home, where they toasted one another with champagne before heading to amiably chatted.
Julianne has been a celebration of their recent good fortune to be: one of the most hard-working men scoring in Hollywood, his film career is also closed.
This year, he starred in the critically acclaimed remake of Footloose, and Rock of Ages film won the next rock.

The young bombshell Sherrie Christian, one of the Ingenue in love with the rocker in 1987, an ambitious play.
Monster ballad creating a film of the eighties, which is scheduled for 12 June 2012 will be displayed in a release.
Tom Cruise, Mary J. Blige, and Alec Baldwin also star Catherine Zeta Jones.


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