Selena Gomez New Latest Hair Style

He is about to embark on a tour of South America, teenage singing sensation Selena Gomez may need to consider spicing up their appearance.

What is a wild purple and blue highlights, and you have a reputation as the Disney Channel.
The 19 - year-old and his new look is ditching its trademark brown locks tweeted two pictures of Gomez in his only comment was to say, 'Change is good.'

, Chauntal Lewis, the Nine Zero, a salon in West Hollywood, where Selena got her hair done at work, they wanted something different something fun and spunky, the life in Hollywood.
Selena added Ms Lewis said her stylist for their next South American was something fun and exotic.

It is clean - cut boyfriend Justin Bieber, 17, thinks I look.
Teen sensation in his feet, but the real face of Christ on the remarks made headlines with a tattoo.
Bieber, the young couple were separated for the holiday season back in his native Canada, led to his parents and two younger brother spends time with, and Gomez's mother who recently suffered a miscarriage in the United States.

But even if they found one for Mother's Selena typical week on tour with Justin, his girlfriend, a person can not get a chance to look at.
The first stop on their tour of San Juan, Puerto Rico, January 22
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Anonymous said... at 12 January 2012 at 04:29

my best friends selena gomez

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