shame on young star : 51 Year old Rita Rusic on the beach with her amazing bikini body

she was fifty years - more than can be old, but its half-year-old Rita Mother Rusic Figure stars puts shame.
Defying the age of Italian film producer to his curious and apparently showed a shape as I enjoy a day at the beach in Miami.

-51 Years old, this charming hands of a tiny purple bikini that will flatter most figures donned fail, but it released only the size of the Superb.

The outgoing Italian - Croatian spent the last few days of its peculiar tone the body flaunting.
Yesterday a small white bikini or two-part film producer embroidered on the upper half was wearing a star fish design.
Today it is the grape of red bikini accessorised with Rita's on the two necklaces.

No wonder that he managed a tea bag and strapping young man, he was seen cavorting with the sea.
The playful smile on his face tanned handsome man, his hands reaching out, Rita was looking for.

Manufacturer has accepted the offer and to see his muscles with his hands placed on his shoulder.
Rita began her career as a singer and an actor as a scourge of God Atilla the 1982 film was released.
Her first husband, Vittorio Cecchi goŗi After the meeting, it decided to move the camera back and now has 60 films.

In recent years she has both a great bikini body a little fame in his native Croatia and Italy.
He is also a singer and a daughter, Vittoria, and Mario is the name of the son.
His creative talents are also evident in a book he wrote and was published in May 2008 called jet sentimental erotic sex diary.


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