A fizzy drink with a crowd of star Lauren Stoner spin off the heat cools as he brings a small bikini in Miami

Sunbathing on the beach all day to experience Miami the hot bikini to show for Lauren Stoner.

The reality star - in the Spotlight enjoy a brief moment when she is Kim Kardashian-produced reality series spin on the crowd appeared - the sun's energy is still placed loose in the second part appeared in two games.
After working on his tan, the food on trucks headed for lunch and ice cold cola cans with his friend, buy a couple.

Lauren is a pink and blue color tone of his body in a public beach, was paired with color.
It was in a short e? PRS is one of six huge cameras which were occupied in working life as a reality show.
Only two months later in October 2010 and although the program was canceled, it appears that Lauren is still keen to promote milk she won during a short period.
Last week, 27 - year-old Miami Beach on a very slender figure in a brief bikini and flaunted.

It is about letting the sun to dry off in the shallows as he sauntered across the sand and splashed.
Although he had not seen in the new year on a good mood, a former model appears to be a beach break during a few irritants.
Last week he tweeted: 'Guys, when a grl n the nose on the headphones of this Earth is not a book on the beach! Keep ur stupid frisbee and Away! # Duh '
He was already posted: "It is stupid, and as usual I am more mesmerized by how many people ..."

Lauren is an Office Hottie 'PR firm for the spin of the crowd was in command, Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck Finn, New York and LA with celebrity endorsements, and events for the public relations.
But the southern belle, who is originally from Virginia, as well as a small screen like the move from the big screen or at least a film director is a list of locations can be set.
This gold has recently been on the beach together with Transformers director Michael Bay at the end of last year, linked to the pair appeared.
According to the agency autobiography, Lauren has been modeling since she was 14 after winning the first runner in the competition of the best modeling agency.
He lives in Miami and 5 '10 "tall, and at 117 pounds in weight.
Her modeling credits La Perla, Nike, and Ocean Drive magazines including South Florida.


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