Twitter war Imogen attacks Natasha

Imogen Thomas has a lot to make sure all eyes were on the best beaches in Lanzarote was yesterday.
The fact 29 - year-old star fans ogling her up with sand as he strutted, his tousled hair, running his hands through meditation lapped.
Leave their posts in recent weeks publicly bemoaning the figure, the controversial former Big Brother contestant, it certainly did not feel shy about showing off in swimsuits cut out.

Following in her staring-beach goers with a chatty, Imogen pose until the rain stopped during the photoshoot.

Ms. Thomas' significant disruption to the miniscule swimsuits, and rarely a cutaway panel - there was a string of parties along with the display on Squeezed into his midriff.
Seductively, his hair dripping wet, and heavy smokey eye make - up the beach to see the full speculative.

Imogen is a photographer spent hours perfecting his signature move - the back of the head, mouth ajar with a seductively paraded with the face and the sand on the beach as he lounged.
He had a brief working trip to the Canary Islands this week, but flew back to London and was courting controversy again this morning.
The outspoken reality star via Twitter this morning on her former love rival Giggs slammed Natasha, not enough fish in the sea # s # keepingitinthefamily *** tingonyourowndoorstep 'Writing

An incensed Natasha hit back, retorting that it was a case of pot calling kettle black, that he was involved in both matters, with Ryan Giggs.
Imogen, however, took issue with his point was "to keep the family, with his brother-in-law provided that they are certainly not related to Natasha Affairs.


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