She shares a beauty secret of sexy Kelly Brook, New Look, new range of underwear slips in the curve

With its elegant figure, his own collection of lingerie imaginable is just about the best advertising.
Kelly Brook as it surprising that it took for himself taking on the promotional campaign for his New Look in the slip underwear range.
As well as showing off her stunning curves that, 32 years old some tips on how she maintains shared timeless sex appeal.

He said that the magazine: "I do not like not minimiser bras. I think that girls should embrace their curves - both 'push-up!French lacy shorts that accentuate your waist flatter us curvy girls.'

Something is clearly an enthusiast, Kelly divulged that he was agent provocateur underwear collection, since she was 19 years, Victoria Secret bras are worn, and a colorful array Costella thongs encourages.
Kelly was understandably keen to promote their content, adding: '. I've also designed an entire collection for New Look at me - it is so comfortable to wear and super Mother - sexy looks?

This month's model, the screen siren Marilyn Monroe as confession, he had to sleep without pajamas prefers, is her signature fragrance, wearing an altercation in a spritz.
He cheekily that her boyfriend Thom winter 'Sneak Evans SOCKS can be added on a pair, but it is difficult to beat in the Jack Wills pajamas lounging.
Condition in terms of the model itself, Kelly shared some of his tricks.

It says: "My rule is: walk everywhere, steam room sessions are regular and well water can get away from poisons. Sex and food - it is a great cardio Workout Mother!
"My secret to instant sex appeal, confidence and makes you think that the person you're with a girl in the world, he added.
During the winter months to maintain vitality, and the St. Tropez tan or healthy glow exfoliating for Kelly Hanen Airbrush Legs Sally advised.

Modelling lingerie collection for New Look and Design, Kelly Brook sex appeal is not doing what was best, he oozes.
But complains that the model is stunning, from the modeling and design to offer, he was Oscar - worthy performance may have been trying to do everything in his hands, was able to focus on acting.
"I often do better to focus on an extensive career as a dancer at the top, I like Kate Winslet or her acting career was not at it seems. ' The Telegraph, with Kelly opines

Kelly, Keith Lemon in the upcoming Piranha 3D Hollywood film stars, such as films, his feature adds: "There are many ways I do not want people to do what I want done away with. I am now changing. '
For now, Ms. Brooke has her lingerie range, which he reveals that he has in mind with happy talk designed with curvy girls.
"I think the fact that girls these days are not thin you can bear to be beautiful and successful," she says.
"I do not thin. I myself do not lack. I do not see my face and body and feel that I need surgery or a boob job or buttock lift.
"I am very angry that, while what they have to work, talk about women in the public eye because it makes other women feel devalued."
Kelly, despite his recognition that his family is less than dazzled by his showbusiness life.
"My brother and his armed forces to Somalia, and in such places.He does not really do something meaningful.
'What am I? I say, "I am with the ant and Dec!" And my family, like the "who." They see me at work and just chatting. It is no big deal.'


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