Fashion comes full circle for Geri Halliwell as she inspires her Spice Girl days, the Union Flag design clothing range

And after 15 years, Geri Halliwell induced by a range of clothes designed by the prestigious dress is back to her Spice Girl days.

And Geri, 39, the company has designed lingerie and swimwear for the Brits 1997, was anxious to keep her patriotic stance.
However, the audience can not help but notice that the new design at the hemline of a much longer the hip - neck dress she is wearing.

But Geri for the design, modeling themselves online is a beach and in the next photoshoot.
And with the Olympics approaching, the border between female sports fans are sure to be a winner.

The Geri modeling - which retails for £ 199, a maxi dress, a tankini, a bikini and an off-the-shoulder top with cowl neck dress includes a range.
Collection in stores next month will be available online.

and Cena got a patriotic gesture in keeping with the evening.
Dress, which has its own Wikipedia page, hit the headlines and the Spice Girls and sold at auction for £ 41 320 the following year.


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