Karina Smirnoff from dance with Stars winner, the champion figure shows a tiny bikini as she hits the beach in Hawaii

Only a few months ago, a grueling rehearsal schedule, which the winner of Dancing with the Stars, as seen with JR Martinez was among the eventual win.

34, a small blue and lime green bikini as she showed off her figure champions parade down the beach in Waikiki.

Kareena her long brown hair worn loose around her shoulders and refine as she splashed around in the surf and on strolled along, holding up a wedge heel.

Star to tropical islands to the DanceFit's classes had been enjoying a break between.
Dip in the ocean in the middle of a park near the sea before the Hula Dance Dance took a walk down the beach.

After the dive, it took close to salt water to clean an outdoor shower.
Karina, originally from Ukraine, recently revealed that her Dancing with the Stars last season's win was not without its difficulties.
"I tried to be careful with my muscles and joints, but this season really strenuous on the body was" Rockstar recently told the magazine.

In the end, though, the pros definitely outweigh the cons, and take part in Dancing with the Stars was all worth it.
He and Martinez second place Rob Kardashian and his partner Cheryl Burke won last season, while Ricki Lake and Derek Hough came in third.
Karian DanceFIT her exercise routine worked out yesterday, leading a pack of enthusiasts were seen.

Patterned black workout leggings and a white vest top, wearing a simple dress, the star of many energetic workout move showed his agility.

It is a well-rounded workout, "he said last year SheKnows.com."You do not work a muscle group, you work the whole body. It's great cardio.
"You have fun when you dance and you work out. You forget that you actually physically working and sweating. You are enjoying the process and at the same time, toning of losing weight and burning calories. "

And the star, even slow dancing will keep you in shape.

Diet is a "star, who advises women to eat pineapple is important because it breaks down muscle and fat."

He said: "I overdose on spinach instead of drinking soda, I'll snack on watermelon because it is a diuretic."
Into the new season of Dancing with the Stars return to the show with Kareena taxing back to the rehearsal schedule is set to.
Dancing with the Stars is a very grueling experience, we rehearsed eight to 10 hours a day, "she said.


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