It flowers glamor girls lingerie collection model for the team as an Imogen Thomas and fun approach to the pink

And they have the range, which seemed very attractive florals features black and purple and pink and white.
There are also set with black and white as well as the perfection of Imogen's stunning red chiffon design that shows the great curves.

And even though her brunette counterpart, lounge, 40 to 11 years old, proved that Imogen can do something, he can just as well.

However, Imogen, 29, had a hand in helping to design range, that is to be used on websites that sell a series does not appear in official pictures.

And shoot earlier this month, Imogen excitement on her Twitter page, please take part in the project was announced.
He wrote: "Hello my dumplings ... I'm on a shoot with @ ByCaprice. @ ByCaprice shoot me ... @ Rachell_smith with amazing photographer. "


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