Bikini-clad Vanessa Hudgens with boyfriend Austin Butler shares a steamy kiss as they are in Hawaii again

SHe travels to promote her latest film is 2: The Mysterious Island, and her ex Josh Hutcherson, who is dating with the Australian press as causing some confusion. 
But today, bikini-clad 23-year-old Austin Butler reunited with her current boyfriend was in Hawaii, as the heart of Vanessa leaving onlookers with no doubt. 
Couples who have been dating since September last year is clearly in the honeymoon period of their relationship. 

High School Musical actress, who also co - star and heart throb Zac Efron looked amazing as she was in Hawaii today, a little red string bikini. 
The dress that she paired with wood style jewelry items showed her athletic figure. 
And fellow Disney star Vanessa Austin, 20, into the ocean together, frolicked, kissing and cuddling. 
Their lovey-dovey with each other just for the past few weeks with the couple unable to keep their hands to act. 

When Vanessa and Austin began dating last year, friends, the time that it is "not serious" but said, but the pair seem to be inseparable. 
In Miami last month they holidayed, Disneyland in Anaheim, California visited, and spent Christmas and New Year's together. 
Austin, who recently Sharpay great adventure movie with Vanessa's best friend co-star Ashley Tisdale is three years younger than Vanessa. 

Mysterious Island. 
The host asked: "So how long are you going?" There Hutcherson, 19 was an awkward silence between the pair, said: "We were at one point we are not, but he broke my heart ' 
'No, I'm just kidding that was a while back, we are now really good friends. " 

While in Australia, the singer wore a light orange and boho - chic seemed Bondi Beach in Sydney as well as he strolled. 

Later in the day that William Street, Paddington Glenmore Road crossing was shopping with trendy boutiques before heading out some tests in the field. 

Some tanned actress as he likes a big brown bag full of clothes found with the popular shopping area should have left. 

Couples, who briefly dated while filming last year, with still some chemistry as they appeared in front of photographers in front of a pile. 

Hutcherson play movie Sean Anderson, (Sir Michael Caine), his mother's boyfriend (Dwayne Johnson) who partners with a mission to find his grandfather, who sees a mythical island is reportedly missing. 
Hudgens is a tour guide named Kailani, who plays in the end falling for Sean. 
The actress admitted she jumped at the chance to work with Ken, Melbourne Herald Sun, saying: "It was a great cast, and we had so much fun. 

We have air, which was heaven, and have some fun and light-hearted shot in for the whole family. 
3D action adventure film of 2008 for a follow-up visit to the Center of the Earth. 
• Two travel: Mysterious Island on February 3 in the UK and released in America on February 10....


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