Pregnant actress Elsa Pataky dash for a swim in the ocean to join her husband Chris Hemworth

Yesterday she announced her pregnancy, but Elsa Pataky is not running down the beach during the holiday.
Wearing a purple bikini that showed off her growing bump, the 35-year-old Spanish star of the exclusive island of St. Barts on her husband, Thor Star Chris Hemsworth, and the picture was taking a dip in the ocean with friends.

 Couples who married in December 2010 friends Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana Bozan on vacation with the group are enjoying a luxury yacht in the Caribbean.

Luciana in the surf and his friends, after leading, fast five-star on her tummy, put her hands in a protective sense of motherhood.
Adventure couple were clearly in a celebratory mood as they are engaged in water activities with friends.
Maybe Damon and his wife, four children were giving some advice to first time parents are.

Enjoyment of water after it comes a day before a wild ride down the coast was to take pictures.

To climb out of the water in a black bikini, the fast five-star once again put his hand on her stomach in a protective grip ..

Enjoyment of water after it comes a day before a wild ride down the coast was to take pictures.
The courage of his wife treats her husband, Chris seemed to be proud of, as she snapped pictures of her standing taking the plunge.

"I'm going to talk to children in Spanish. "With Spanish be ready soon, because if not, then you understand what we are not going to be able to say 'he joked, I already told my husband.
Although he is most likely a model of the metabolism, stunner swears that her eating habits have gotten progressively worse during her pregnancy.

I used to like all healthy, I do not like. Suddenly, the only things that I like all the sweet voice in the world, hamburgers, and french fries are, "she revealed.
"I never ate popcorn, and with the pregnancy, I eat it all the time."

"The first year as a married couple in the balance is amazing, it has been a constant honeymoon. I feel so lucky that I'm the person is found, she said.
Chris' younger brother Liam and his girlfriend, Miley Cyrus, of course, the kids will enjoy playing Hemsworth surrogate aunt and uncle.
His wife, the Australian star gushed, "He is always smiling. He has a lot of fun to be around. "
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