It's a bit cheeky! Rihanna bares her body in a G-string bikini while sunbathing on a surfboard

She is certainly no reason to be ashamed of her fantastic figure.
Rihanna is probably the reason that put it all on display as he decided to indulge in a spot of surfing in Hawaii.
But instead of catching a few waves, surfboard on a lounge singer has decided to seductively while she soaked up some sun.

As she lay on her stomach, 23-year-old black G-string bikini that left very little to the imagination.
Number of tight derriere showed her perky as she put herself on her elbows, with a swim in the ocean.
And even the cover-up was incredibly revealing.

Umbrella singer has removed a black net outfit which he had taken his place at the time he was wearing surfboard.

Blue star in the bow with his curly locks, the samples accessorised.

The large hoop earrings, two chunky necklaces, and rings and bracelets worn.

He is close friends with a couple great migration time.
And he has an array of small modeling swimwear as she enjoys the sun.
Yesterday, Twitter is a snap to star him in a white bikini on a cross trainer did it work out.

When she asked him many followers of the secret that her incredible figure, Rihanna wrote: "angle / / Lighting Photoshop:)

Rihanna Brown, who was found guilty of assault in 2009 with her back last year called for more spending.

A source told Us Weekly: "He comes to see him anytime he is in LA
They can not get enough of each other. I do not see this ending well."
Rihanna just to comment on the report.


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